Surface Neo is Formally not coming this Vacation

If the rumours are correct, the Android-powered Surface Duo might finally be coming on August 24. Initially slated for”late 2020″ and then to July, Microsoft may finally be launching one of two incarnations of the stillborn Microsoft Courier device. For many, however, the phone-like Surface Duo is only a shadow of the dream, with the Surface Oven as well as its Windows 10X offering a nearer approximation. Regrettably, we will not have the ability to compare and contrast those two this year and, if other whispers should be believed, not even next year.

Actually, he was more explicit about focusing Windows 10X efforts on single-screen devices, which makes this fresh flavour of Microsoft’s operating system less stimulating than what it teased this past year. Nevertheless, no one ever mentioned in the event the Surface Neo will be officially delayed beyond the”overdue 2020″ statement back then.

Some state that quiet is more”yes” and you can not get quieter than removing any sign that a commodity is launching at a particular period of time. Windows Central noticed that the Surface Neo’s product page today says nothing where it once said”Coming Holiday 2020″. As if to crush hopes further, there were rumours going around last week that we won’t actually see the Surface until 2022.

In a time like this, Microsoft wants to concentrate on polishing and improving Windows’ conventional single-screen experience. Given its track record, it certainly needs a great deal of polishing inside that area.

Unfortunately, that also sets its OEM partners in a disadvantage after teasing their clients with revolutionary new devices of the future. Obviously, the likes of ASUS and Lenovo can push through with their own launch programs, with or without Windows 10X, but those could also affect how the market will perceive something like the Surface Neo, when and if it will start.

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