Check Point Technologies turns hybrid data centre security into something entirely new

As the data centre operator moves into ultra-scalable facilities, it is necessary to offer more advanced protection in a secure environment, using the Check Point Software Technologies Limited Quantum Hybrid Data Centre Security solution.

Check Point, the company that makes the new Check Point R81.10 software, the Check Point Quantum Maestro 175 and the Check Point Quantum Smart-1 Security Management devices, claims that the new Check Point R81.10 software, Check Point Quantum Maestro 175 and Check Point Quantum Smart-1 Security Management appliances, provide businesses with more flexible workload mobility between the data centre and cloud on demand.


In order to be able to use more apps and tasks, businesses now have the ability to have programmes and tasks run closer to the user while providing faster response times and cheaper costs.


According to Itai Greenberg, VP of Product Management at Check Point Software Technologies, “Increased attack activity has caused increased sophistication, and automated threat prevention and security policy orchestration will be critical in keeping up with the increasing threat landscape.” Enabling organisations to scale without complexity, while also increasing their overall performance, is a main advantage of the Check Point hybrid data centre security solution. Zero trust micro segmentation, automated operations, and a cloud connection that facilitates remote users are some of the Quantum solutions’ features that enable businesses to defend their data centres against sophisticated assaults.


The contemporary data centre is fast developing towards a hybrid design that combines both on-premises and cloud operations, according to Frank Dickson, VP of Security and Trust at IDC. To add global businesses’ hybrid data centres to their secured networks, expand their hyperscale security, and simplify operations and management in the cloud, Check Point offers these solutions.

The Hybrid Data Centre Security offering from Check Point delivers:

Safest data centre security: The Check Point R81.10 security software helps businesses combat more than 60 artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) threats in addition to traditional signature-based defences. Every gateway is protected against zero-day attacks, thanks to automated updates.

Check Point R81.10 adds a significant efficiency to security operations, delivering businesses a rapid way to implement Check Point’s unified security management over their entire network network, without requiring ongoing maintenance or manual upgrades.

Plentiful, effective data centre operating automation and scalability Go to Check Point It allows the capacity and performance of 52 Quantum gateway orchestrations to expand from a single Quantum gateway orchestration in a short amount of time, thereby offering elasticity while allowing the ability to detect and stop threats at a rapid rate.

The four new Quantum Smart-1 Security Management gateways from Check Point give security managers the capacity to expand the managed gateways on demand, allowing capacity to be doubled in only five minutes.

Quantum Cybersecurity is simple and easy to use, according to Kyle Pomering, an IT specialist at CoxHealth. Everything that I’m not aware of informs me about it. I can make a policy available to my users in seconds instead of minutes. Knowing that a policy change won’t cause connectivity loss or delay is a weight off my mind.


The contemporary data centre and network need the ability to vary threat prevention security capability on-demand on-premise, and in the cloud with simpler and unified administration.

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