American Airlines Reached Out to Sen. Ted Cruz After He Had Been Spotted Not Wearing Mask on Flight

American Airlines says it’s reached out to Sen. Ted Cruz’s office concerning the importance of wearing a face mask whilst travelling after a photograph of the Republican lawmaker revealed him not wearing one — just, he states — while still aboard a trip Sunday.

Another photograph seemingly from precisely the exact same trip revealed him in line, seemingly awaiting board, also not wearing a mask.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that individuals”wear a fabric face-covering in people” while travelling, so as to restrict the spread of this coronavirus disease COVID-19. American Airline’s guidelines also require passengers to wear a mask in any way times — with a few exemptions, such as for people who remove their mask to either drink or eat.

A spokeswoman for Cruz claims that the senator was carrying a beverage at the time that the viral aeroplane photo was shot.

“Consistent with airline coverage, he removes the mask whilst drinking or eating. We should all exercise common-sense steps to impede the spread of this virus.”

Another picture shared online — which appears to be from another flight, as the aeroplanes seem different — reveals Cruz wearing a protective face mask along with a flight. It wasn’t clear when that photograph was shot.

He tweeted a”friend of a friend” submitted the pictures.

A spokesperson for American Airlines supported with PEOPLE who Cruz chose a trip on Sunday with a few of its national regional partners and its mask coverage doesn’t apply to people momentarily eliminating their mask to consume or have a drink.

“For the well-being of our clients and team members we need face caps to be exploited on board, and we anticipate our clients to comply with our policies whenever they opt to travel together,” the airline’s spokesperson stated. “As we do in most cases such as these, we analyzed the specifics of the topic, and while our coverage doesn’t apply while drinking or eating, we’ve achieved to Sen. Cruz to confirm the importance of this coverage as part of our dedication to protecting the health and security of the public.”

An attendee at the summit tested positive for the virus, that resulted in Cruz self-quarantining in early March, days prior to COVID-19 shutdowns started making a direct impact on daily life in the USA.

Cruz stated then he quarantined” from an abundance of caution” after a”brief dialogue” with the individual who tested positive. He also explained he shook their hands.

Cruz didn’t test positive.

“Sen. Cruz has said since the beginning of the pandemic we must adhere to the science, hear public health specialists, and consider common-sense steps to slow down the spread of COVID19 and reopen our market,” his office said Tuesday. “Including wearing face masks, washing machine, and societal bookmarking where potential.”

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